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The Old Ultraviolence

Oct 16 '14

"You just said you love me, now if I say I love you and just throw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may and you’re lying to me, I’m gonna fuckin’ die."

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Oct 16 '14
Oct 15 '14

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Oct 10 '14

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Oct 9 '14

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Oct 8 '14

"Was I asleep? Had I slept?"

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Oct 7 '14

2003 - 2012

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Oct 6 '14

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Oct 2 '14

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Oct 2 '14

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Oct 2 '14


Production DesignGattaca (1997)

Oct 2 '14



Kill Bill (2001)

Pulp Fiction (1994)

are you fucking kidding me

don’t you dare look at this and then tell me Tarantino isn’t a god damn genius

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Sep 30 '14

What you are talking about is desire - just brutal desire. The name of that rattle-trap streetcar that bangs through the Quarter, up one old narrow street and down another.

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Sep 30 '14

The layout of the hotel makes no sense whatsoever. Stuart Ullman’s office has a nice big window in the middle of the building, the Colorado Room has multiple floor to ceiling windows with a mystery hallway behind them. There’s hallways that lead into walls, windows that can only be seen from inside, hotel rooms that seem to overlap the same space, the hotel interiors have nice right angles while the outside doesn’t. The freezer flips sides of the hallway between shots. The spaces between the doorways in Room 237’s hallway are far too small to actually contain any rooms of that size. This was done deliberately for dramatic/horror effect.

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Sep 25 '14


And Now For Something Completely Different… Man